When you have a meeting with the directors of a large company, or a bride and groom who will celebrate a wedding for 300 guests, you should not dress or express yourself like when you're the entertainer at a party, or you're wearing a crazy costume on stage at 3am.

That is why, Raquel Esteban, manager and coordinator of Party Planet, created Raquelisima , her alter ego.


Sassy Raquelisima is a "show woman " in the style of a drag queen , who, with monologues , songs and interaction with the audience turns any event into a party.

But Raquelisima is also the actress on comedy films and theater ,the emotive and charismatic master of ceremonies at weddings and presentations, or the kid´s friend with her fairytales.
Raquel , the businesswoman, exists in order that Raquelisima and all the artists that work with them, can develop their projects.

She trained in entertainment courses and performing arts since 1989, in parallel to the development of her career and in different languages. It was in 1999, after a course for women entrepreneurs, and finally based in Ibiza, when she founded Party Planet.


In 2008, to get closer to her roots, she founded the branch of Cadiz, as in Ibiza she had several colleagues from Andalusia that made it feasible.

"I work in such an amazing environment, in so many aspects, that I don´t think there's another profession like this. I have created shows and events for audiences of all ages and nationalities, I have acted from China to small villages in Spain , my colleagues are from acrobats who dance at 15 meters high to the funniest comedians or glamorous stylists.


I would like to be "Raquelisima" all the time, to avoid all the office and promotional work that I do as Raquel, but someone has to get the agency under way so that the characters can be. It is also rewarding to be part of the assembly and that, ensures the quality of it.
It is not a cliché: nothing makes me happier than the smile of a bride and groom on that day, the laughter of a devoted audience at a show, or the face of children in wonderment as I tell them a story.


Party Planet…not a bad planet to live in!